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About Nichole

Ever since early childhood, Nichole's life has been intertwined with dogs.  For the longest time, she simply felt her connection with dogs was simply normal; something everyone possessed.  However, once she started working with rescue dogs and pets she realized her connection and understanding of dogs was unique and special.  Her respect for dogs, coupled with her insights into their behaviours and motivations, revealed ways in which she could help dogs properly socialize, overcome challenges, and find balance in their lives.  These basic elements that created happy and healthy dogs are the same elements that create happy and healthy human beings.  Nichole has taken the lessons and observations learned from her work with dogs and authored her first book: What Would Dogs Do?: Lessons for Humanity from our Best Friend.

Nichole has lived throughout Canada and currently resides on the East Coast with her husband, their two sons, their four dogs, and their six cats.  Her heavy immersion into the dog world occurred over the years she ran a boarding kennel on the West Coast of Canada and was partnered to foster and rehabilitate hundreds of dogs for the local Humane Society.  Prior to her operating the kennel, she worked for years in business while raising a family, including several adopted pets.  

In addition to her involvement in animal rescue, Nichole is a recent vegan, a long time environmentalist, and advocate for women's rights.  

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What Would Dogs Do?: Lessons for Humanity from our Best Friend

For years, Nichole worked with an incredible variety of dogs to both care for and rehabilitate.  She observed many ways in which dogs are similar to human beings and how, all too often, dogs are able to handle and overcome challenges even better than humanity does.  Nichole's observations are compiled in her first book - What Would Dogs Do? - available now on Amazon, in paperback and for Kindle.

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