Hear it straight from the dogs mouth...

Well not really the dog - but Nichole Moser now offers one-on-one training options for you & your dog.   Specializing in behaviour and temperament rehabilitation, Nichole is also adept at basic obedience as well.  

Training Options



Bringing a new dog into your life can be a very amazing & rewarding experience OR A COMPLETE NIGHTMARE.  The dog you choose will impact your life for years to come - we can help make sure you get the right dog for you.

Find your perfect pooch

Relationship Counselling


So you already have your "best friend" but things just aren't going how you would like, you expected, or you need.  We can help improve your life by working with you & your dog to tackle basic behaviour issues and training.

A little help please

Relationship Rescue


You and your dog need some serious help due to your dogs reactivity or fear.  We realize the significant impact these behaviours have on all your lives and have successfully rehabilitated many dogs to overcome such challenges.

Rescue me!

Relationship Advice


You and your dog are just having some issues that you want an outside opinion on.  Dr. Phil doesn't work with dogs but luckily Nichole does.

Try for the one hit wonder

Don't forget the lessons for Humanity

Need an engaging speaker for your group - from dog-focused to motivational sessions, from group training classes - Nichole is available and can tailor her presentation to fit your needs and audience.

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